About StrengthWiki

Welcome to StrengthWiki – a new wiki dedicated to bringing you the best evidence-based recommendations regarding strength training, nutrition and health!

We’re brand, spankin’ new here (official launch date is 7th of March) which explains our somewhat minimalistic content base at the moment. However, we’re about to get serious, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got planned.

StrengthWiki is all about providing you with easily available information about anything training related, as well as the best in-depth guides around in case you feel like immersing yourself in the subject.

Other than our guides, you’ll also find training programs for strength and hypertrophy – adapted for beginners, intermediates, all the way up to advanced levels. We also have a workout app, currently only available in Swedish, where you will find all of our programs, as well as the best logging for strength training around. Projected release of the English version is summer -19.

About us

We are a small Sweden-based company, and our team brings diverse backgrounds to the table – united by our passion for lifting weights.

Andreas Abelsson is our chief science officer, and our most avid writer. He is always updated on the latest studies, and makes sure that the content you’ll find here is always firmly grounded in science, but interpreted and relayed to you through our long experience of lifting. Andreas has over 30 years of experience of strength training, and is an expert in training, nutrition and health.

Daniel Richter is a powerlifter, coach and engineer, and loves digging into the technical details of training, with a special interest in powerlifting. Daniel has numerous strength coaching certifications under his belt, and is currently pursuing a B.S. in exercise and sports science.

Philip Wildenstam is a copywriter-turned-powerlifter, and is all about challenging false truths, scientific scepticism, and turning new findings into practical application. Besides coaching in powerlifting, Philip brings us some credibility with his lifting prowess: amongst others a 275 kg squat.

Johanna Lindegren is our head of administration and support. She’s especially fond of deadlifts and pull-ups, and is currently pursuing a B.S in business & economics. If you contact us, you’ll most likely be speaking with her!

Nils Nordin is our developer, and is primarily responsible for the app and anything technical. When he’s not coding, Nils is deadlifting in his uninsulated storage shed. Oh, and he likes dogs.

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